Snazz: To be flashy, stylish, attractive, fly as fuck.

Embrace The Grind: To pursue your goals and improve yourself while enjoying the work that you do.

Σ: The Greek letter sigma, representing the letter S in the word Snazz but also for a symbol of empowerment. A sigma doesn’t give a fuck about societal norms and chooses their own path to success.


Snazz ETG is a streetwear brand designed to target people worldwide, inspiring them to have confidence and pursue what they want in life. People should be their authentic selves, chase their dreams, and put the work to become what they want to be. You should never give up, no matter how hard it takes to achieve your goal.


I created Snazz ETG because I had a dream to create my own clothing brand. I had a passion for fashion my whole life and also worked in fashion retail, gaining knowledge about many different fashion/clothing trends and growing my love for streetwear.

As a salesperson in fashion retail, this job helped me a lot to learn about clothes, sales, and customer service. Although I love my job, my goal in life is that I wanna start businesses of my own. I wanna be my own boss, create my own things that I love and share it with the world from the bottom of my heart.

I just want people not to give a fuck and be their true selves, rise up, improve, and pursue what they really want in life. If I can do it, you can too.